The truth about owning an iPhone

You probably picked up by my articles that I wouldn’t mind owning an iPhone. It is a really cool gadget that has a lot of interesting features. But now, I kinda changed my mind. Listen. Owning an iPhone might not be worth it…

1. You’re probably going to lose it. You’re going to be drunk one day at a bar or club and it’s going to fall out of your pocket or purse, and those $600 (minimum) you paid for it will disappear in a snap. Losing a cellphone happens to everyone, and usually when you buy a wireless plan, you could get a nice phone for free.

2. You’ve already got a damn cell phone.

3. If you don’t lose it, you’ll worry about losing it. You’ll keep reaching into your pocket to see if it’s there. If you start searching for it in your purse, you’ll panic for a second because it’s not there… until you finally find it.

4. You’ve already got a damn iPod. Yes, iPods are expensive, but they cost half the price of an iPhone ad will hold 5 times as many songs.

5. Unless you work as an IT (and not even), you don’t need to have portable internet.

6. You probably have a damn Blackberry already.

To sum up, I’ll probably purchase an iPhone once it goes down in price… maybe in about a year or so…who knows.


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