Mika At Studio A

Last night I went to the Mika concert at Studio A. I’ve never heard of this artist until maybe three weeks ago and, to be honest, after hearing a short demo, I immediately knew his music was not my type. Regardless, I decided to go to the concert since anything that’s music related I love and, because it was a free pass (a friend of mine, who works in the music industry, gave me a free ticket), I had nothing to loose other than sleep.
The concert was okay. The Lebanese-born Brit delivers ultra flamboyant razzle-dazzle, transmitted mainly through his ear-damaging falsetto, and drawn mostly from Queen, Wham! and The Bee Gees… Oh, boy! This was like hate-yourself-in-the-morning kinda pop!
The music was like babysitting a hyperactive four year-old: lots of restless energy, repetition and irritating playfulness. By the end of it, you may be wishing Mika would just go to sleep.
Perhaps it’s because I am so used to the wonderful Indie world, but to me, the music seemed to be like a money-hungry mission to transport music lovers to a horrific place where pop songs are perfect for cruise line entertainment. Well, there’s still room for growth… you never know… maybe that hyperactive child will become a great artist in the future. I’ll wait and see.


2 responses to “Mika At Studio A

  1. I would have to agree with you on that one. He’s pretty big over here in the UK. I was seeing posters of him everywhere, there was a big buzz being generated.

    And then I saw the video. You’ve got to be kidding. What a bunch of drival.

    I’d take Rufus Wainwright over him any day.

  2. I am a biiig british music fan, but this guys is truly annoying.
    Check his video ‘Big Girls’… Is the gayest, cheesiest music video I’ve ever seen…

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