Women’s Traditions and Rights In The Middle East Compared to Westerners

What a coincidence… today, while having lunch with some co-workers, we had a short talk about women having no rights in Saudi Arabia, and now tonight I bumped into an interesting photo I found through Reddit.

Is called ‘The Difference of Love’ and, as you can see, the woman on the right is wearing a burka. The burka is a traditional Muslim coat which symbolizes the extreme limit and suppression of women and female sexuality that exists in some extremist Islamic civilizations. The couple on the right can’t do what the ‘western’ couple on the left is doing…It doesn’t matter if they want to. The freedom of expression is denied by the Islamic faith. Like someone said one time: ‘We weren’t meant to live in denial of attraction’.
This American Dad clip is very much related to the photo’s message:

Clip Via Accordion Guy


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