Mazda’s Nagare

Mazda Nagare Concept: its name is Japanese for “flow” and its design is supposed to transmit the ‘sense of motion’. The design concept was to make a car look like its going fast while standing still. It’s definitely an interesting car to look at and analyze every surface detail.

The Nagare’s interior also features an interesting seating arrangement. The driver is placed front and center under the roof’s highest point, along with three additional passengers seated behind, making this car a true, if bizarre, four-seater.

Nagare is just an auto show design exercise and wasn’t made to be driven, but Mazda visualizes it being powered by a hydrogen fueled engine, which is already in service in Japan. Mazda admits that Nagare was a ‘design-first, engineer-later’ concept rather than the usual form-follows-function approach.

The Nagare is about as far, far away from production, but Mazda expects for the next concept car debuting in Detroit to be ten years out from production.

Photos Via The Cool Hunter


One response to “Mazda’s Nagare

  1. Cool Car.. I’m a mazda fan… and i will for sure buy this if it comes out.

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