Goals For Tonight

All I can say is that posting has been low on the priority list tonight. I will have a party at home this weekend and I’ve been preparing for it: grocery shopping plus all the things that involve the planning of a party. I tried to post a couple of times tonight, but I decided I was too busy for words and the world of blogs was better off with no post at all. Here are some of the goals for tonight:

1) Figure out what I am going to cook for the party.
Chance of happening: 70%

2) Spend less than $100 total (food + alcohol).
Chance of happening: 40%

3) Setup a lamp I am planning on using that night.
Chance of happening: less than 5%

4) Call a friend and find out if she’s coming.
Chance of happening: 90%

5) Clean the refrigerator.
Chance of happening: 20%

6) Create a playlist specifically for the event.
Chance of happening: 80%

7) Burn a CD for a friend.
Chance of happening: less than 1%

8) Have dinner.
Chance of happening: 100%

9) Go to bed early tonight.
Chance of happening: 0%

Your regular programming will resume tomorrow, but for now, please feel free to plumb the archives.

Have a delightful evening!


One response to “Goals For Tonight

  1. Well…you always have today to continue your list.

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