From The Music Department

I am definitely not a casual music fan… no way! I have close to 5000 songs, and take great pride in my impeccable and eclectic taste in music.
I am constantly looking for new music. So readers: if you have any suggestions when it comes to music, whether is a band/duo, song or album I should check out, send me an email at I’m very open-minded when it comes to music, so I’ll give anything a try. But be prepared to hear my honest opinion about the music you send me. Thank you. Now, moving on…

Wilco – “I’m the man who loves you”

God I love this band! They really kicks-ass! This particular song is very ‘Americana’ style and I cannot get enough of it.

Morcheeba – “The Sea”

I don’t think there’s anyone cooler or smoother than Skye, the former singer from Morcheeba (ok, Sade is also cool and smooth). If you don’t like Skye, or at least appreciate her music, then that’s it! I can’t be friends with you. [Just kidding]

(Ok, ok. I’m kidding again.)

Portishead – “Sour Times”

Another band I love. Sure, some of their stuff is a little too out there for me, but for the most part their music is really good.

Thomas Dybdahl – “A Love Story”

Hands down, the most romantic song I’ve EVER heard. This song is so beautiful, it gives me the chills. Is the theme soundtrack for a Norwegian film.


2 responses to “From The Music Department

  1. I loooove Portishead…how funny, I had mentioned to you that I was listening to them yesterday, he he. I hadn’t even read your blog yet. 🙂

  2. i absolutely love thomas dybdahl. good pick!!

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