This Was A Very Productive Weekend

My Honda got a much needed oil change. Got 12 new Indie songs through iTunes which were immediately loaded to the iPod. Met with my friends on Friday and Saturday, we had dinner and a few drinks. But still the kitchen was used for its intended purpose, given that a few meals were produced. Two loads of laundry were done. Bought some Chinese paper lamps at Lincoln Road. Went to the local store and bought a planter for the one and only plant I have at home. Went bike riding on Sunday…
With all of this going on, I somehow managed to write some articles and plan the upcoming week… and I thought I probably wouldn’t be able to post anything until Monday (next week is going to be superb at The Pompomist. Stay tuned!).
So, this is what it is like to be home for an entire long weekend and not have to travel. Neat.

To every man and woman who has served and is serving in the U.S. military, thank you for everything. And also to those who have given their life for the cause of freedom will never be forgotten.


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