Croc Shoes: A New Trend?

So, the summer is around the corner (well, here in south Florida is either hot or… hot and rainy): ‘tis the season for heading to the beach, having a picnic, drinking lemonade… It’s also the time for summer footwear: as soon as the temperature rises, people start wearing flip flops.
HOWEVER, this year I have found that people aren’t wearing Old Navy flops as usual. No, no! This year they have discarded them for this year’s new ‘it’ shoe… the Croc.
I have concluded that the surprisingly low-cost shoe has actually become a trend!
I actually have a friend who bought a pair of black Crocs online a few days ago, and once he received them, he hasn’t stopped wearing them to work ever since. I wouldn’t consider the Crocs to be good looking or fashionable, but I do have to admit, they are definitely comfy. I wouldn’t mind wearing some of these models for certain occasions. But I have been alarmed to find a specific model of Crocs called the ‘All-Terrain’, which are made of half leathery/half rubbery material.
If I see these slippers in khaki crème or turquoise color (yep, these color combinations exist!), I would absolutely scream.


2 responses to “Croc Shoes: A New Trend?

  1. OMG. are those aqua shoes??

  2. They don’t look that bad! I could wear this anywhere. Especially to my weekly corporate meetings.

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