Hummer O2 Design Concept

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Oh, the Hummer brand vehicles! … Those oversized, over fuelled, box-shaped machines. Even though they look pretty cool in my opinion, they have a horrible reputation of being one of the worst car brands for the environment. Well, now the GM family, in an attempt to clear out that bad reputation, has designed the Hummer O2 (like the H2, only less toxic).

This concept car, which just won the L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge, incorporates a number of innovative, futuristic features into its strange body. A body that contains algae-filled panels… and yes, you read that right: this machine is made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials, whose waste provides oxygen for both the O2 itself and the surrounding environment, even while parked… wow, sounds too good to be true, right?

The main power sources are the fuel cells built directly into each wheel. Once the used algae is recycled, it works as a partial production of fuel. Now, how does that work? Well, its way too high-tech and complicated for me to explain. I wonder what else it uses for fuel though…
Unfortunately for all those SUV-loving environmentalists out there (a good amount of them, I’m sure), the Hummer O2 will not be on the market for the time being. Is sad to say, but an environmentally-friendly Hummer is pretty much up there in addition to a peaceful Iraq. This is a concept vehicle from the very same people who manufacture and sell gas-swallowing cars, except this one actually gives a damn about Mother Nature.

I respect the work and ingenuity that is involved with designing a vehicle such as this one. However, as many of us know, concept is a long way from market and until GM puts vehicles that are somewhat like this one on the road, they will still carry around that bad environmental image.

I like the idea of having eco-friendly cars, but what I would really want to see are the typical Hummer models going eco-friendly… hybrid. Now THAT would be a major accomplishment, to have all that heavy kickass armor AND be fuel efficient; not just slapping the word “Hummer” on anything that does more than 20 mpg. It should say “Lego” on the back instead.

I really like the aesthetic look of Hummer, but for now, let’s just continue begging the Japanese manufactures to build the cars that we can/want to buy.

For more info, visit this site.

Coming soon: cigarettes that cure cancer!


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