More Songs…

Natural Born Chillers – “Rock The Funky Beat”
Oh, boy! This track really brings back memories! It reminds me of that time when I used to go to the college gym during my freshman year, back in 1998. When this song came on my cassette player (this device was so big, it always fell off my belt) while I was running at the gym, I could easily break 65mph… no, seriously! It kinda felt like there was a golden panther on the treadmill next to me until I finally outran the panther. And didn’t even realize it because I was so into the song, and the panther was sad afterward. I am not going to give you a sample of this song, since it might be a little too much for some of my readers.
Although I do not listen to this music genre as much as I did 9 years ago (after a while, it’s too overwhelming for me… now 27 going on 28), this is by far, one of the best electronic tracks of the 90’s.

Royksopp – “What else is there?”
This beautiful song features the astounding voice of Karin Dreijer, lead singer of Sweden’s Indie band The Knife [Hint: If you watch the video, the singer is not the girl floating around… she’s just a model. The singer is the woman sitting on the dinning table]. The video’s nightmarish images combined with its uplifting music create an almost cinematic experience. This wonderful song can be described in so many different ways: it’s sweet but scary, mysterious and haunting; half surrealistic; half terror flick; but without a doubt, one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Just listen to the song and then come back to me.

Midlake – “Roscoe”
It’s really some of the best music I’ve ever heard. Do yourself a favor and download a handful of their songs or treat yourself to “Roscoe” on iTunes and prepare to be thrilled. I wish more people knew about this Indie band. This song has such a great lasting harmony, and it will make you want to listen to it over and over again. It has sort of an adventurous, fresh feeling… just brilliant. They’re on my ‘Bands-Pending-To-See-Live’ list.


One response to “More Songs…

  1. Love that Royksopp song! =]

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