A Few Songs

Hot Chip – ‘Over and Over’
If I were asked to pick the best dance song there is, I could easily say Hot Chip’s Over and Over. The first time I heard it, I repeated the track about fourteen times… over and over. It brightens a bad day in a snap.

Koop – ‘Waltz of Koop’

Terrific duo! So far, I only know a few of their songs, and most of them (though wonderful) would make me fall asleep at the wheel. Every song is smooth, jazzy, and sweet, and the vocals are just lovely.
Every time I listen to Waltz of Koop, which I absolutely love, reminds me of Dominican Republic. I just keep thinking of me, in front of the ocean with some exotic cocktail in hand.

Morcheeba – ‘Undress Me Now’

I like it because it’s a perfect song for a romantic occasion. It’s sexy and sweet. So, um, yeah…’nuf said!

Shakira – ‘Underneath Your Clothes’

My best friend loves – and possibly wants to be – Shakira. I think she sounds like a bird (this can be good or bad). Yeah, she is a talented girl, but I honestly dislike her music…sorry. I’m not even gonna post the song in here.

OK Go – ‘Here it Goes Again’

This is one of the best songs to listen to when you’re at the gym (especially if you’re at the treadmill), at a dance club, or just simply driving. I’m happier when I listen to this song. I am actually dancing in my chair as I type.
I know some of you guys might say that this song has one of the gayest videos ever (nothing wrong with that), but is very creative and entertaining to watch. You should see the video so you know what I’m talking about… and here it goes…

My Brightest Diamond – ‘Golden Star’

Shara Worden’s has an angelic voice. It can be delicate, strong and piercing at times. What I love the most is her evident classical training; she has full control of her voice but at the same time making it playful. I couldn’t find a video or a link to the song for me to show you. So look for the song… I’ll leave it to you as homework.

RBD – ‘Rebelde’

I’ll be damned if I don’t dislike this band. And I dislike this song. I don’t even know why I have it on this list, but I think it has song to do with it (the song and the band) making me want to punch people in the face (it is called ‘Rebelde’ after all).


2 responses to “A Few Songs

  1. ‘Here it Goes Again’ won best MTV music video… Yes, I agree is a great song to work out…
    I do like Shakira’s music, especially her spanish songs…!

  2. Who do you think my best friend is, Mrs. Karen? TQM

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