Featured Artist of the Week: Tokyo Police Club!

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Photo credit: Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club… nope, they’re not from Japan… they’re not cops either. They’re this awesome Indie rock band from Ontario, Canada. Their music is fun, happy and fresh… I simply cannot stop listening to them. I had the opportunity to see them live back in March and was definitely blown away of how wonderful this young band sounds. Though the singer/bassist was the focal point of the band, the rest of the band put in excellent contributions… especially the drums! (Thanks Greg!). Visit Tokyo Police Club’s Website or their MySpace webpage for more info.
Here’s an interview I had with them… enjoy!

The Pompomist: What is one sentence that perfectly describes your band?
Tokyo Police Club: Four people learning to play their instruments at once.

The Pompomist: How did you come up with the name Tokyo Police Club?
Tokyo Police Club: Nevermind that! The “how” is not what’s important here it’s the “who” or more specifically the “what” as in “what came up with the name?”.
And the answer to that question is the internet and it’s not getting another damn dollar…

The Pompomist: Describe your sound to us:
Tokyo Police Club: See question 1, but add “with other people listening.”

The Pompomist: Who are your influences?
Tokyo Police Club: Radiohead, Radiohead, Radiohead, Leonard Cohen.

The Pompomist: Who started the band and how long have you been together?
Tokyo Police Club: We started this band in January 2005 when Dave wrote some songs and, for lack of knowing anyone else who enjoyed playing music, asked us if we’d like to try playing them together.

The Pompomist: Tell us about your CD “A Lesson in Crime”:
Tokyo Police Club: If you have money and think you’d enjoy it you could go buy it. If you don’t, then you could always download it.

The Pompomist: Describe your show, musically and visually.
Tokyo Police Club: Musically, our show is our songs played slightly faster than they should be. Visually, it’s all of us making strained faces as everything goes from “fairly well” to “complete shambles” in the matter of a few seconds.

The Pompomist: Tell us about your next show and why we should be there.
Tokyo Police Club: Our next show is Coachella. The line up is amazing so it’d be a great chance to see a bunch of artists you’ve been waiting to see for a while… Bjork’s there! Why wouldn’t you go?!

The Pompomist: Is there anything you would like to tell the fans of Tokyo Police Club?
Tokyo Police Club: Washing your hands regularly before eating and after using the
washroom is a great way to help stop the spread of germs and viruses. Even if you don’t like us, that’s sound advice.

The Pompomist: What can we expect from Tokyo Police Club for the rest of the year?
Tokyo Police Club: Hopefully a new album, but we’ll have to see how that goes…

Here’s a video of “Nature of the Experiment” from their latest album “A Lesson in Crime”:


3 responses to “Featured Artist of the Week: Tokyo Police Club!

  1. Great interview, very clever & entertaining. I look forward to hearing some of their music. I love Radiohead, so I’m on the right path already.

  2. yeah, this band rocks! i saw them live in cali. they kicked ass!

  3. Nice post! We just did one over at our blog, getair.wordpress.com. They have a really nice vocal approach, really clean and appealing. Agreed?

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