What Would George W. Bush Do?

Here’s a graph I found via Boing Boing which shows, through a very well organized flow chart, the stupid decisions Bush have made since 9-1-1. This is called “What Would George W. Bush Do?” (WWGWBD?). This graph cannot be any clearer!

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Now, after analyzing this chart, do you really think the president of the United States is stupid? I’ll let you think about your personal answer.

Well, information collected over the years may give you the idea that he is. Let’s explore this a little: He’s a man who cannot talk about education without making a embarrassing grammatical error, like “The illiteracy level of our children are appalling”; who says things that do not make any sense, like this one to NBC’s David Gregory (04-03-07) “And my concern, David, is several.”; who uses unreasonable words like “arbolist,” “subliminable,” “transformationed”; who regularly says the opposite of what he intends, for example “the death tax is good for people from all walks of life!”… If Bush isn’t the moron he seems to be, then what is he?

Dubya has governed mostly, the way any clueless man would, concentrating on a worthless war after 9-1-1, and allowing huge problems to develop (taxes, global warming, increasing cost of living, AIDS) toward disaster, through a mix of misunderstanding, and indifference.

Bush may not have been born stupid, but he has achieved stupidity, and now he wears it in his forehead.


One response to “What Would George W. Bush Do?

  1. The Whisperer

    An excellent and very funny blog. Similar style but not as disrespectful of the establishment as realwhisper.blogspot.com. Check it out.

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