A conventional Balcony

This is a smart design product for those who would like to extend the square footage or have more outdoor space, but are reluctant to do so within the restrictions of your apartment/studio.
Bloomframe is a window. No, wait… is a balcony. No, that’s not right either: it is a window that turns into a balcony. Bloomframe, designed by Amsterdam architect duo Hofman Dujardin, seems like a wonderful idea: it is modern, it moves, it opens with the push of a button, and can be installed in existing buildings,
Personally, I really want to love this conventional balcony, I really do. But unfortunately, I’m not so sure if it is practical.
Living in South Florida, I don’t see the benefit of me having it installed in my apartment. There will definitely be a lot less cleaning from the weather. I don’t think that many people sit on their balcony everyday, and it’s great for when smoking friends come over for a get-together. What I dislike is having muddy tread plate as ugly wall ornament. Other than the dirt problems created by using a floor as a wall, is also the inconvenience of having to set up (and store) furniture.
On the other hand, I do think is a clever device as an aspect of seasonal design for those places where there are limited days when a balcony can be used (certainly not Florida). You know… during the winter the facade is closed, during the spring the building opens itself wonderfully.
What do you think about it? Do you think it’s a good idea?
(Via Transmaterial)

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2 responses to “A conventional Balcony

  1. Whoaa.. awsome!!!! I like this!


  2. this is great!

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